Parent Diagnosed Dementia? How Memory Care Can Help Them

If your parent has been diagnosed with dementia, they may not have a lot of problems yet if they are in the beginning stages. Things will grow worse, however. This can be hard on them and your entire family. Fortunately, a memory care facility can help offer many benefits, three of which are listed below.

Safer and More Secure

People that have dementia can be difficult to deal with as they get further into this disease. They can become aggressive, start to wander, and more. When this happens, your parent will not be as safe as they were before. Also, it can be hard to keep them from wandering at night and they may even get out of their home.

With a memory care facility, your parent can be watched 24/7 by trained professionals. The center will have indoor areas where your parent will be completely secure and also outdoor areas that are completely secure and monitored. Your parent can walk around the facility freely and you will not have to worry about them becoming hurt or lost.

Activities Available

At the beginning of the diagnosis, your parent may still need to be able to do a variety of activities. You may not find the time to help them with these, however. At a memory care center, they can provide activities that will help stimulate your parent's memory. This may include arts and crafts designed for people with memory problems, listening to different genres of music, and having socials with other residents. 

Having the ability to do these activities on their own may help your parent have some respect for themselves as they are going through this change. This can also help them not feel as dependent upon other people to do these things for them. 

Medical Care Available

Many memory care facilities have onsite nurses that work at the facility 24/7. This will allow your parent to receive medical care much quicker. Your parent may also be able to stay at the facility getting this care instead of having to go to a hospital or doctor's office.

Additionally, a memory care facility has access to many different doctors. Some doctors may also visit the care facility a few days per week to make sure residents are not having any medical problems. They will check things like their blood pressure, oxygen levels, and more.

Contact a memory care facility for more information. 

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