How To Search For Senior Housing

Moving to senior housing can be an exciting transition. Conducting a strategic senior housing search will influence care, comfort, and costs. Knowing what features to look for in a senior housing facility makes the difference. 

Senior Housing

Senior housing is a term used in medical, social, and real estate fields to describe a type of housing developed to meet the specific needs, realities, and expectations of older adults. Such housing offers varied services designed for the elderly. 

Senior housing options include: 

  • Adult family homes: a licensed residential house caring for up to six people
  • Assisted living: individual type apartments with round-the-clock personal assistants
  • Residential care: private homes providing care for up to ten elders with daily assistance
  • Independent living: rented to the elderly without any form of assistance
  • Nursing care: licensed facilities that provide nursing care for the elderly
  • Continuing care retirement communities: retirement communities with assorted senior housing services

Senior Housing Considerations

Does the housing cater to medical needs?

Old age often comes with increased medical complications. Various diseases affect older people, such as Alzheimer's, diabetes, and arthritis. Therefore, it is important to consider access to medical care. One can choose an option located near a hospital facility. However, nursing care senior housing is recommended for elders living with medical conditions. 

Does the housing provide physical assistance? 

As people age, they become less productive, which increases their need for physical assistance. Typical physical activities include cooking, laundry, and eating, bathing, shopping, and even pet care. Thus, it is crucial to consider the assistance provided by varying senior housing. One may opt for independent living with no help, or assisted living with all-day support. 

Where is the housing located? 

Location is a crucial consideration for any form of housing. The first step is to consider a safe and secure location. Evaluate the environment to ensure it is conducive and relaxing, given that one may live in senior housing for the better part of life. Check on accessibility, considering that one will become more dependent and unable to drive. Accessibility can also include physical features like elevators.

What are social and emotional services available? 

Age changes the social network. In particular, age affects mobility, meaning that one may no longer interact with friends and family easily. This change may lead to loneliness and loss of social support networks. Thus, consider whether the senior housing has the option to socialize, including occupancy and social events. Residential and retirement homes may offer more opportunities to socialize.     

Aging is a fact of life. Planning for housing needs in old age becomes an eventuality in time. Senior housing can support your physical, emotional, and social life. 

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